For Our Guests: Common Questions

Why should I come to First Baptist?

First Baptist proclaims a message of grace, love and hope not only for Gainesville but for Northeast Georgia. You should experience our worship and community to see what church really can be like.

When are your worship services?

We have two worship services on Sunday mornings. We worship at 8:30 in our chapel, and again at 10:50 in our sanctuary

What is the worship style?

We are a traditional Baptist church with hymns, an organ, and a choir anthem. While many churches try to have both a contemporary service and a traditional service, we believe that uniting around a traditional worship service brings harmony to who we are and who we serve.

What is our theological stance?

We believe God is supremely known through Jesus Christ who is Lord of the church. We are one of the few Baptist churches in Northeast Georgia affiliated with the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship. We want all people to worship with us. We believe that through Jesus Christ, men and women are called of God not only to the ministry, but in service to our church. We ordain women, trusting that we are following God's plan for who God wants us to be.

Furthermore, we cling to the historical Baptist principles of Religious Liberty, Soul Freedom, and Local Church Autonomy.

A significant portion of our work and our giving goes to missions. We believe that the gospel of Jesus Christ should be spread around the world. We have people who go to Bulgaria, Romania, Honduras, and recently Jamaica and Vietnam to do that work, and we support several missions organizations.

How do I find a place due to First Baptist's size?

While our church is large, the people are friendly. You will be warmly greeted not just by people in name tags, but by people in the pews. We have an array of classes for Sunday school and Wednesday nights where you can find friends who share things in common with you.

Do you have activities for children?

Our children's program (from birth to 5th grade) offers rich Bible study and our children have fun in a safe environment with volunteers and paid employees.

We are very conscious of our children's safety. We have video cameras in all of the nursery rooms as well as a paging system if a parent is needed for a child during the Sunday school or worship hours.

Do you have activities other than Sunday school for youth?

Our youth program is one of the best in North Georgia. In addition to our normal Sunday school hour, the student program offers many more activities. Students from 6th grade to 12th go on a variety of trips to grow in faith and in community. Wednesday night are special in the life of our Student Ministry.  During this time, students come together in a more casual way to discuss faith and the world around them.  Middle and high school students gather at 6:27PM in the youth auditorium for an hour that includes games, announcements, worship music, a sermon, and prayer time. 

How do I participate in choir?

Our choir has an outstanding reputation, both in the local community and throughout north Georgia. The choir meets each Wednesday night in preparation for Sunday worship. We also have choirs ranging from newborns to high schoolers. There's something for everyone.

How can I as a Senior Adult participate?

Our senior adults are a valuable part of our church and many of them can be found working and holding leadership roles in the FBC ministry. Sunday school is a very important component in the senior adult ministry, and there are several different classes to fit their needs. We also go on several retreats each year and many day trips. Call C.J. Wehmiller at the church office for more details.

How do I join FBC?

You can join in several ways. You may profess your faith in Jesus Christ, you may join by transfer of letter from another Baptist church or by statement from another denomination. For further information, contact our church office.

Things to better serve you...

1. What do I wear?

You may wear whatever you like; many people wear suits and dresses and others wear slacks and polo shirts. What is important to know is that you will be welcomed no matter what you wear when you worship with us.

2. What do I do if I am hearing impaired?

We have listening devices to help those who are hard of hearing. In order to obtain one, please find one of our deacons or a staff member. There are also greeters at all the doors who can help you locate what you need.

3. How are you involved in the local community?

FBC is committed to serving Gainesville. We are involved in providing monies and services to the Good News Clinic and Good News at Noon, where those who are less fortunate may find medical care as well as shelter and a meal. We have the H.A.L.T. (hungry, angry, lonely, tired) House on our property where those who are battling addiction may go. Meetings are held three times a day. We have a ministry with the Hall County Correctional Institute which culminates in our church holding a Christmas service and dinner for those who are incarcerated. We are also involved in Habitat for Humanity. Our church is a principal sponsor in building houses for those in need. Where something good is happening in Hall County, we want to be part of it.